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Data-driven storytelling for quantifiable impact

Articulate compelling stories with rigor and authenticity to your highest-impact audiences 

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Meet Marina

I’m Marina Glazman, former tech founder/CEO at Suitely, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Forbes contributing writer, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal-trained corporate strategist, and Wharton MBA.


We combine strategy, analysis, and storytelling to discover and distill brand narratives that help companies raise capital, build thought leadership positions, manage a brand pivot and run high-performing go-to-market campaigns.


Clients include VC/ PE funds, SaaS platforms, growth-stage brands and ecosystem organizations.

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Support for Organizations:

Strategic Content & Editorial

A business that seeks buy-in from a sophisticated audience needs to distill its highest strategic value into brand and thought leadership assets that cut through noise and build trust. 

We assess a brand's content goals, its customer segments and their respective buyers' journies. We identify brand and narrative gaps. Then, analyzie past performance to discover opportunities at different levels of the content funnel. 

We'll pull out core threads that provide the most persuasive story hooks, and craft multi-media narrative deliverables designed to illicit a response from audiences.


A launch, re-brand, or beta test requires alignment between product, policy, marketing, and external initiatives like partnerships and press.


Many growth stage companies focus heavily on product, but less so on content channels, editorial opportunities, and partnerships when it’s go-time.


When planning a go-to-market with a client for a new brand or product rollout, step one is to identify marketing goals. Are we shaping brand reputation and authority? Or are we focused on performance metrics like clicks and conversions? Many brands underestimate how starkly different the processes supporting thought leadeship versus conversion goals are.


We’ll define GTM and content priorities, identify aligned channel and partner opportunities, and develop a strategy to execute against these.

Marketing and Communications

Authentic communication unlocks a potent mechanism for brands: it builds trust. Strategically designed content that showcases a well-crafted point of view builds authority. 


But combining strategy with authenticity - particularly for high stakes situations like a new launch or a rebrand is difficult. That's where storytelling comes in. I'll help you define your audience, message, content medium and cadence--and define a marketing path that drops the highest value content in front of the right stakeholders at the optimal time.

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