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Meet Marina

Hi, I'm Marina. I’m a strategist, founder, and writer with 15 years’ experience designing systems and telling stories.

I support growth-stage companies in building the infrastructure critical to growth: Building organizational systems, crafting strategic communications and strategy for new product launches and rollout to new markets.

My previous startup, Suitely—a digital retail platform named to IAB's 250 Most Disruptive Consumer Businesses in 2020—was recognized by HGTV, The Washington Post, Cheddar TV, and Vogue.  I've held senior-level roles in strategy, media, marketing, product and ops, including at The Wall Street Journal, Bainbridge Consulting serving Fortune 500 clients, and as a two-time founder. I earned my BA at UC San Diego and an MBA from The Wharton School.

I've written for Business Insider, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Crunchbase, MSN, Yahoo Finance, The Ladders, Chief Learning Officer, and have been syndicated across 20+ other outlets.

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How I can help...

Org Systems & Design

Every growing business should align organizational systems– hiring, management, sales, communications – to its values and priorities. Identifying values allows a brand to fit systems to goals in a sustainable way - whether around employee retention, efficient use of capital, creating a low-maintenance supply chain, etc. Often, leaders who find that their systems invite repeating challenges struggle with org design: Challenges like repeat hiring issues, poor retention among specific personalities, un-engaging communications, workflows that leave teams uninspired.


For a startup pre-Series B or C, or other growing business under $50M in revenue, making key hiring decisions for critical roles, addressing team dysfunction swiftly, and communicating with stakeholders effectively can set the course for the company.


Our goal is to identify your blind spots. We’ll unearth patterns in undesired organizational outcomes, and map them back to decisions you can make differently at the outset.


A launch, re-brand, or beta test requires alignment between product, policy, marketing, and external initiatives like partnerships and press.


Many growth stage companies focus heavily on product, but less so on content channels, editorial opportunities, and partnerships when it’s go-time.


When planning a go-to-market with a client for a new brand or product rollout, step one is to identify marketing goals. Are we shaping brand reputation and authority? Or are we focused on performance metrics like clicks and conversions? Many brands underestimate how starkly different the processes supporting thought leadeship versus conversion goals are.


We’ll define GTM and content priorities, identify aligned channel and partner opportunities, and develop a strategy to execute against these.

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Thought Leadership Editorial | Comms

Thought Leadership, when used to express insight and authenticity, activates a potent mechanism for brands: It builds trust.


Strategically placed content that showcases a well-crafted, strong point of view or unique insights builds authority. Publishing in relevant (even if niche) media boosts credibility. And educating your audience on relevant topics makes you indispensable. But to reach this thought leadership trifecta, you need editorial craft mastery – not just business intelligence.


That’s where I come in. I help you develop your two biggest editorial assets: The story and the channel. I’ll help you turn your brand’s knowledge and proprietary insights into editorial-caliber narratives that engage readers. Beyond the narrative, a good editorial strategy also requires channel development: Where you should publish, how often, and how to “get in.”


Executing against editorial value and channel strategy allows you to build authority and reinforce your message across key platforms to the audiences you serve.

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