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Hi, I'm Marina Glazman

I’m an entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for designing systems, building teams, and sharing compelling stories that educate and offer a new perspective to others.

I consult startups, funds, and C-suites on organizational design, team-building, and communications. My clients include venture funds, hedge funds, tech startups, and other growth stage companies. My clients are carving out thought leadership positions in their niches, and need values-aligned systems and communications to achieve this. 

I founded Suitely, a digital retail platform named to IAB's 250 Most Disruptive Consumer Businesses in 2020, and recognized by HGTV, The Washington Post, Vogue, Cheddar TV, and others.

Previously, I worked in strategy at The Wall Street Journal and at Bainbridge Consulting serving Fortune 500 media companies. I’ve held several other strategy and media positions, and serve on the executive team of Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association, supporting female founders and investors.

I earned my BA at the University of California San Diego in International Studies/Russian Lit, and an MBA from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

In my free time, I share lessons and perspectives with other founders and builders by contributing to several major business magazines. My articles have been featured in publications including Business Insider, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Crunchbase, Index, and others, and my work has been syndicated to 20+ magazines/platforms like Yahoo Finance, MSN, Chief Learning Officer, etc. and translated into three languages.


Connect with me to learn more, or to discuss a project!

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Meet Marina

2x tech entrepreneur, organizational designer, and writer with a point of view. 

Hi, I'm Marina. I've founded a couple companies and have a passion for building teams, and designing organizational systems and communications. I apply what I've learned from my wins and misses to supporting other founders and consulting growth-stage companies and funds on org design.

I also share lessons I've learned, observations, and ideas in essays and articles. I write about leadership, people, teams, and culture. Check out my writing on Medium, or at the publications I contribute to.

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