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Organizational Design

I consult entrepreneurs and organizations on org design, team-building, and brand-aligned communications informed by takeaways from the wins and misses in my career. My clients include venture funds/ portfolio companies, hedge funds, tech startups, and growth stage companies.

As a two-time founder, mentor, and consultant, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of aligning organizational systems—including hiring, management, workflow design, and communications—around values. Locking in personal and organizational values offers a north star for building brand-aligned systems, but is just the first of many hurdles. Most clients who have struggled with organizational design find that their systems invite repeating challenges: They make similar hiring mistakes over and over, allow undifferentiated communication to tell the brand story in multiple areas of the business, build workflows that leave employees feeling uninspired, etc.

For a startup pre-Series B or C, a company mid-restructure, or even a growing company under $50M in revenue, making key hiring decisions for critical roles, addressing dysfunctional teams immediately, making workflow adjustments, and communicating with internal and external stakeholders effectively can set the course for the company.


We address org system challenges by looking not just at values, resources, and priorities—but at blind spots. What are the patterns manifesting in the leader’s choices? What are the drivers? We work together to isolate the failing variable in the leaders’ decision processes in a way that allows them not just to build a better system once, but to make better decisions that align with their values going forward.

Follow my business writing for insights into team-building strategy and blind spot identification.

And connect with me to work together on building systems, teams, and communications that will operate harmoniously and elevate the performance of your brand.

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