Content & Editorial Studio 

For founders, execs, brands, and funds who aim to carve out a thought leadership niche in their market, getting published is a great way to build credibility and trust. But most leaders don’t have experience filtering through their experiences for content, finding a narrative angle,  framing material in a commercially-viable way, and pitching publications.


I’m an entrepreneur, operator, org designer, and widely published writer. I'll help you sort through your business stories, unearth the most compelling material, frame it for mainstream appeal, and guide you through pitching publications. There is no reason your ideas can’t leave a mark on the market, and give you an unfair advantage in your space.

Work with me:

  • 30-Minute Consult

    Open format Q&A about content, editorial, publishing, brand
    • Common questions:
    • - Getting in front of editors
    • - Choosing target publications
    • - Publication rejection analysis
    • - Angle / hook strength assessment
    • - Pitch letter questions
    • - Pitch & publish timeframe
    • - Brand strength assessment
    • - One-off submissions vs. contributorships
  • Editorial Core

    Brand, angle, content & pitch strategy basics for publishing
    • Brand audit
    • Core messaging
    • Editorial pitch strategy for 6-12 month period
    • Topic development: 1 topic
    • Angle development for 1 cornerstone editorial piece
    • Outline & narrative structure for 1 editorial piece
    • Raw material strength assessment w/actionable feedback
    • (Ghostwriting and/or draft editing available separately)
  • Editorial Expanded

    Core + strategy for 2 more editorial pieces
    • Brand audit
    • Core brand messaging
    • Editorial pitch strategy for 6-12 month period
    • Topic development: 3 topics
    • Angle development for 3 cornerstone editorial pieces
    • Outline & narrative development for 3 editorial pieces
    • Raw material strength assessment w/ actionable feedback
    • (Ghostwriting and/or draft editing available separately)
  • Editorial Complete

    Get published in big media: Brand, Angles, Content, Pitching
    • Top to bottom brand content strategy:
    • Brand audit
    • Core messaging
    • Core brand stories content bank for multi-media use
    • Editorial guidance & pitch strategy
    • Supporting social and owned media content strategy
    • Topic development: 5 topics
    • Angle development for 5 cornerstone editorial pieces
    • Outline and narrative structure for 5 editorial pieces
    • Rich overflow content to use across brand materials
    • (Ghostwriting and/or draft editing available separately)
  • Elevate Your Angles

    Get your article angles up to par to pitch brand-name media
    • 1-hour consultation:
    • Discuss/ review up to 3 article angles from client
    • Actionable feedback that won't keep you guessing
    • Elevate content angles to biz media's editorial standards
For custom content work, reach out to: