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Organizational Consulting

I consult entrepreneurs and organizations on org strategy and team-building informed by no-nonsense takeaways from the wins and misses in my career. My clients include venture funds/ portfolio companies, hedge funds, tech startups, and growth stage companies.


As a two-time founder, I’ve come to appreciate the underrated reality that "people strategy" has a far greater impact on businesses than infrastructure--particularly early for stage companies. For a cash-strapped startup pre-Series B or C, a company mid-restructure, or even a growing company under $50M in revenue, hiring the wrong person into a critical  role, keeping a dysfunctional team in place for too long,  or failing to make tough decisions quickly in areas of team and workflow make up some of the most significant strategic mistakes that founders and CEOs describe.


I pull from first-hand experience, academic insights, and the collective experiences of leaders I've worked with to help businesses identify people priorities, and-- just as importantly--  the leadership blindspots that cause us to make the wrong calls under pressure.

Follow my business writing in major publications for insights into actionable team-building strategy and blind spot identification.

And connect with me to work together on building systems and teams that will operate harmoniously, leveraging key personalities and individual differences for optimal organizational performance.

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